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Record Weekly Playoffs

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So, I think Alexy should record the Weekly Champion Playoff's fight's instead of just livestreaming them so that others can watch the action even if they weren't online to see them. I know theres already ladders and such but I think that'd need a nice touch.
or just vod from twitch =)


or just vod from twitch =)
vods would be instantly muted though.

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I was gonna say he can do it via Twitch, but I dunno if there would be any issues with the music.

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Increase the speed of music inside vids Alexy records by 1-2% = you evaded Youtube's automatic copyright system as long as someone doesn't report you for using actual copyrighted music. Aswell as there are alot of alternative streaming services instead of youtube which you can find here:


Don't catch me on "You have to pay to use them" because i didn't read details about each alternative site, too much efford for a person who doesn't need it.