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Best mag classs

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tell me guys whic best mag class in pvp best?:)  if same kind topic already is just link it ;0 ty

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Some are better with wiz, some are better with psy, some are better with cleric and some are better with mystic. Depends on you.

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Cleric - Almost never lose a 1v1 due to constant lock ~ hiero skills however almost purely only affective in 1v1 as DD.

Psy - Glass Cannon in black voodoo, you can dish out extreme amounts of damage but will get 2-3 shot by anyone using melee.

Mystic - Very tanky in 1v1, not so much in mass PvP. Only 4-5 damage skills and using a 3 attack loop combination, which gets boring but absorb soul is very over powered.

Wizard - Hardest of the bunch (Assuming you're not 100% Spark Combo) requires constant combo's and crits for maximum damage output.

Venomancer - OP, Needs channeling to be affective but overall demon venomancer will destroy you 1v1  (and mass PvP?) depending on your build. Low-Medium damage when not sparked/nova'd and highly reliant on Pet stuns.

None of this is even including gear needs, where wizard is easily the most demanding for -chan to be successful.

Honestly, if you're going to play a magic class play Psy or Mystic/Veno. Psy will probably be most affective in PvP overall, but if you're mostly a 1v1 type player venomancer and mystic's are both overpowered due to thier skills and pets. ..Oh and did I mention how annoying demon nova is?


I prefer wf and ep, but yeah it completely depends on you.

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Demon Ironwood scarab is nasty when it procs.

Venos have some "screw everyone over" skills, namely Parasitic Nova(demon). I'd say pets are more of a distraction(well except that bird).. the veno skills are far more dangerous.
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wf's are broken and should get nerfed

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lawl all classes need some sort of nerf.... to many people complaining about this class and that class... all that aside.. i play veno.. and i enjoy it alot.. however i prefer my sage veno as i love it sooo much when everyone gets in a huge close group and i aoe purge them xD
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Psy- Glass cannon dd in black voodoo, can be very survivable in white but does crap damage

Mystic- Has heals and is good for squad support, especially with skills like Gaia's blessing which can heal the entire squad even if you get locked. Has a limited range of attacks, namely natures vengeance, absorb soul, thicket, galeforce, swirling mist and bramble tornado which can be a bit boring. Absorb soul hits arcanes and La's pretty hard. Can also buff self to get some pretty high numbers on mag attack (leech mistress and rapid growth). Insanely tanky in 1v1's, not so much in mass but still has survivability skills (falling petals, nature's barrier still help)

Cleric- Mass is squad support mostly. 1v1 is lock + hierobug all day... Not very good dd in mass

Veno- holy hell demon ironwood is bs, but they're still luck reliant and demon has some trouble managing chi. They don't have much cc apart from nova which is godly and are reliant on pet stuns. Some classes can kill/disable pets extremely quickly. Great in 1v1, pretty good in mass (imo sage is better in mass and demon is queen of 1v1's)
They are -chan reliant.

Wiz- Tons of damage, izi in mass, hard to 1v1 with. Also getting gear for wiz is a pain in the ass  :'(

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If there was one best class mag class, we wouldn't have 5 of them.

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There is no Mag class better than other in team fight !!
they all complete each other !
E.g Veno debuff / wizard undine strike  / mystic Absorb soul / psy ends it and Ep with buffs and heals

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There is no such thing.  I have all magic classes at level useful (150), and I can say that I feel more at home on my psychic than I do on say, my veno.  And surprisingly, I don't mind playing cleric once in a while either. 

Do you.  Just play what you think will make you happy in the long run.

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Some are better with wiz, some are better with psy, some are better with cleric and some are better with mystic. Depends on you.
But none are better with Veno?
Am I on the right track?
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Ep best mag class!!
i think i miss lot of things !_!


All Better in their own ways, But its the way ur play-style is if ur willing to learn everything on that class thats what u should play. Try everything pick one you would love to play with :):)