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So i haven't seen any Tome guide, i decided to make one! :)

1) For Pan Gu Creator Tome we need:
- 972 Mystical Tome Page (MTP)
- 729 Mystical Tome Fragment (MTF)

But if we're gonna make +50 Tome we need:
- 2916 MTP
- 2187 MTF

2) MTP

To get all MTP for +50 Tome we need 1458EC, then go to God's Giving in any city:

3) MTF:
To get all MTF we need ~23Mil Coins, we can buy them in any God's Giving NPC
4) Last thing is Tome Fragment's
          3 ways to get them
               a) Buy them from players (always like 60EC per one)
               b) Get gold and buy them (2g per one =20Gold for all)
              c) Supply Tokens = yes 30 ST=Tome Fragment (Best way to get a lot of them is make a lot of alts and
               do WS BH :) ) Or NW.

5) Go to Tome Forge in Archo 525, 665 (or any main city)
      And Craft 3 Scroll of Tome
      Now you can craft +50Tome!

6) We got 4 +50Tome's




New Tomes were added V45:

Victory's Promise

Golden Advent

God of War

Is My 1st guide, hope it helps and don't hate me for mah English and paint talent :)
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There is another way to get tome fragments: Finishing Full Delta/GV. ;)
Great Tut overall :smiley:

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There's also another way; CS.

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Nice. This gives me ideas

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Nice Guide!! So PanGu is just 486EC and Around 8m Coins  :))
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Updated added the new tomes from V45

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