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A Guild Base Mat Exhange.

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Sometimes with some smaller guild or bigger guilds as well. Some times people don't use some classes. So it might be interesting to be able to say echange Tideborn Mats... for say... Human or such. When the mats are full, yet another is almost half full with no signs of filling.

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>leader fix mats plz< i get cancer because of that, +1 if possible
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Not bad idea I think

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+1. It's so annoying for guild leaders to have to go back and forth to distribute mats. It'd be much easier if guildies could do this themselves.

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That was my biggest annoyance while running Mysidia.  The base couldn't level fast enough, so we'd have all these mats and they'd sit and rot and ugh.  So not a bad idea.

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+1, nice idea.

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The leader can exchange the mats in the material vault, it does not take much work, when you exchange you do lose half of the mats, it would be nice if other officers such as the Director and maybe Marshals could exchange materials when they fill up and the leader is not available. I have on many occasions taken my mats down to zero while working on leveling the base. Now I regularly take them down to zero because I do not need them. Also if you level your Material Vault it holds more. Another possibility is maybe add the various building materials in the Base Manager goods, so they can be purchased, and turned in like the materials you get from quests.

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