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So here I am gonna post my six suggestions. I'm open for criticism and appreciations.

  • Stacking Best Wishes
    • You know the reward after the Red Baby Celebration quest chain? The box that gives you +5atk and +5def for 2 hours? I was wondering if the box "Best Wishes" could be possibly made stackable because I'm putting them in bank saving for mass PK or such.
  • Nightscream Titles ;)
    • Nightscream Isle Titles like:

      NS Killer/NS Hunter
      NS Farmer
      NS Guardian

      or anything other than that...
  • Event Suggestions, particularly the Boys vs Girls and Heaven vs Hell
    • Is it possible to limit the healing classes (Mystic and EP) to 2?
  • Trading Flights and Mounts back to Token
    • Can the flight and mount (not the Event Token mounts and flights) be traded back to Rare Flight Token/Flight Token and Mount Token?
  • Upgrading Mounts
    • Pretty much like upgrading the flights from the Flight NPC. Mounts from Mounts and Pets NPC can be upgraded using Mount Token.
  • Trading Warrior Seals to Event Token :D :D

That's all folks. Imma post a new thread if I have another set of suggestions.
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1 Ok, 2 I don't mind,
3. There's limit 2 by class and it won't be limited further.
The rest is a no for now.