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My client doesn't open! He crashes without messages.

I played other PWPS and the problem was that it does had "elements.data" in the "data" folder. I check "data" folder and I can't find elements.data!

Someone can upload elements.data  for me??  :'(


Go to your folder 'pwgoldhaxv2_56' and delete the file 'free_gold.exe' first. Joking lol.

I do not have it either o.o
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Offline sys4062

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And how do you login? :-X

Somebody help me?

Sorry bad english.

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Well issue #3. http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=3102.0
But if you have more than one perfect world client and only EPW doesn't work it means you should reinstall or redownload the game.