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Happy Birthday Index (Raul)


Happy Birthday Brother We wish u an awesome bday From Arti :D
Personally for me, meeting a Friend like you was the best thing :)
I wish you all the best mang :3  :police:
Best RO/Italian I ever met :D
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viva la pizza boy

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Happy Birthday!!!

Best wr <3
I know when I give you chi wont go to waste (unlike when I pass to Zirk)
Happy birthday stranger!


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Happy birthday pasta boy. :normal-4: :normal-23:

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Happy Birthday Nub!!!!!

I hope its great and you eat lots of pizza :3
Go get fat <3

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happy birthday stachio sir hope you have a good one, invite for pizza party :)

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happy b day brother

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Do you need to open a thread about this, can't do it on  Artifex's forum?

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Happy Birthday Sir :smiley:


Do you need to open a thread about this, can't do it on  Artifex's forum?
Yes I need to because he is my friend, And you Don't own the EPW forums.

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Happpy birthday Raul :))

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I don't say Happy Birthday to ugly dumb ROs. But, you're not ugly so, Happy Birthday.

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