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Is the faction Zero called Zero because they have 0 Skill or something?

I see that most of them are on sins, and I haven't played a barb in over a year and logged onto it last night.

I go outside of city of the lost and normal attack some sin named Akui to death in barb form.. 3 times..

I try to tell this player as a DPH you should use x3 spark against a barb and they said x3 spark = no skill and then they proceed to say they don't need luck when they're as good as a player they are.

I come back outside SZ and kill again with normal attacks in tiger form.

I go to NS and see 2-3 sins from zero ganking, use my bramble skill and armageddon and kill them all without contest.

I don't see how someone could make a guild and think they're exlusively good when their guild name describes their skill-in game perfectly.

Any thoughts?  8)  ;)  :-\
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Yeah I have a thought: you have no life.

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You want people to take your suggestions and posts seriously,
but then you post things like this.
Which do nothing but troll and insult people.


♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c: