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Angelica File Module Error Log

AFilePackage::OpenSharedFile, Failed to find file [Models\Players\ÐÎÏó\°×»¢\°×»¢.ecm] in package !
AFileImage::Can not open file [Models\Players\ÐÎÏó\°×»¢\°×»¢.ecm] from disk!

I've tried downloading both direct/torrent files and verified/updated each try, yet this is the error message I keep getting when I try and start the game from either the patcher or the luancher.

Any idea what I can do to fix this finally so I can start playing?  :'(

Offline Agatio

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You are missing file in models.pck which is weird because that file IS included in both clients (direct and torrent).
But you can try to fix it this way:
- If you have any other 'private' server v.1.4.5 please copy models.pck file from that client (which is in 'elemet' directory) and replace in EPW client.
- If you don't have any other but you have PWI 1.4.5 client, please copy models.pck file from PWI client and replace in EPW client, BUT.. please note that with recent update PWI client has overwrited lots model files that are unsupported in our version. So please do it only if you didn't update to PWI Reflections yet.

You can also do the backup copy of models.pck in EPW client before replacing it.

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I downloaded the partials and after un-zipping/patching/verifying -its all working just fine now!  ;D Thanks for your reply!