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hi, i'm just wondering why the worldbosses on this server don't drop any valuable things.
i remember on other private servers they dropped things that were much worth so ppl fought for worldbosses all the time. i loved that kind of pvp because it was always clear who the winner was and there was like a reward for open world pvp. is it different here because gms don't want strong guilds to make profit by killing worldbosses on their own only or why is it as it is here?
btw, does anyone else miss that kind of pvp/good rewards from worldbosses?

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pwi world bosses drop crap
epw world bosses drop decent stuff.
True, nothing uberly exciting but if youre looking for that special kind of pk try DT on tuesdays if you havent yet.
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Offline Mr_Fister_

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sure, these days pwi worldbosses drop crap.. but in the past that stuff was amazing and you couldn't get in any other way.
i remember also from vendetta server after the whipe that everyone was doing worldbosses because it dropped amazing stuff.

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The world bosses, depending on which one it is, drop more or less EC, Old Epic Coins, Mystical Elixirs and such.. Now it isn't extremely valuable but it isn't worthless.. It isn't the best way to farm EC, so people tend to not do it, but you'll find World Boss hunters every now and then :)

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Offline Agatio

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It's very difficult to find alive World Boss. There's around 24 PWI world bosses that drop quite a bit of ECs and 7 Epic World Bosses that drop very worthy stuff IMHO and they are almost every time killed right away by people who know the spawn time. I don't think that raising the drop would change anything in this matter.

Offline Mr_Fister_

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well, probably more people would be interested and pk would become bigger.. also maybe random spawn times would prevent worldbosses from beeing killed over and over by the same ppl again?

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If u Want World bosses that Drop valuable things, there are six of them. The Apocalypse, Antlantean, Death knight, Fairy Tale, Hell Beast and Vicious Crawler. But i Suggest u kill HellBeast   ;)
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