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Um seeker is rather fastest~and easiest if you are still learning and lack experience in the class still , psy  in fc is easily figured and easily messed up  and in PV  they're good up until stun/freeze mobs , alright this is my second  day in EpicPW so don't laugh at me lol here's my set on my psy and seeker i got them both to lvl 146 in about 4 hours each  solo :(self buffs only)
-PV :run towards first couple of stunning mobs single hit them by then u'd have 15-20 mob following you nothing u cant handle with ur charm and Empowered Vigor then u go white voodoo and  start  vacuity powder and double holy path  you'll go a third of the PV  if you make sure the mobs are always close  for you to hit and not for them to stun u'll be ok then , after u gather as much mobs as u can  u start Psychic Will->Tide Spirit ( so u insta cast and use the 8 seconds of Psychic Will at its most profit) ->Sand Burst->Glacial Shard->Earth Vector ->Sandburst
by then i have them all dead sandburst got a slow cool down so i get to cast it twice in the 8 second window and glacial Shard and Earth Vector usually stun and freeze mobs away from u so u still are in a safe  spot after ur psychic will run out  ( u may Also use Crystal Light as 4th spell for those mage mobs that stay a bit behind cuz they are ranged ) basically i start up full chi if not i single hit some mobs to get full ^^ without full its hard to do these huge pulls alone . and that's basically all it is it does require a bit skills and no lag
PS : using pdef accessory is great help here

-FC :i kinda did the same thing here except using mag def ornaments and rings and didn't need psychic will except for the physical mobs after  third boss when heading to harpy boss

Seeker :
PV: with seeker i do full pull till boss o.o vacuity powder + double holy path and a spd skill keeps me always ahead of the group following me  i try to agro stunning mobs as far away from them so they don't get a chance to catch me off ( sometimes i lag and died rofl) if i have sin bp  Blade Affinity + Vortex works just fine  if not  i select a far target  by time im close to boss self buff spd is cooled down so  i use   spd buff +  walk to target Blade Affinity + Vortex and wait for the HUUGE pull to come once they are there i change to mdef eqs and Expel myself it last over 15 second in that period no dmg is taken form physical mobs u just get  hits from those stunning mages hopefully u hold them off till the physical mobs are dead then u go aoe them with other skills ( died a couple times here cuz after physical mobs dead there was 30 mage mob all hitting at same time so it didn't let the charm get a break QQ basically with BM+cleric+Barb+Sin buffs ur invincible cuz bp gives u back lots of hp   even charm don't tick , oh yeah the sword im using a stone that  reduce dmg taken by 20% ? im using 2 stones  i think the chance  to proc ads if there are 2 hope im right but it does help and single sword with god of frenzy with vortex is a sick dmg :Dif i break pulls to 3 with seeker then i get no trouble i basically walk without spd buffs and kill every stunning mobs i meet  till i think the pull is big enough ^^

-FC : same trick when going to second boss i go through all mages then walk back to i have them all in 1 side close to each other b4 i start aoe (psy rocks here) and physical mobs are easy here they are allot less than PV  , dual sword for bosses works wonders cuz 2 aps 2.5 with rampage stone

My Psy genie skills are : WindShield , Extreem Poison , Holy Path , Absolute Domain ,Badge of Courage, Oxygen Bubble ( pvp vs psys and wizards) , Frenzy , Fortify
 i find every skill of these 8 very helpful :)

Cheers! Potatoes

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Be sure you have on all self buffs.  Then bubble and run up a bit select a target a bit away from you then hit it  with sandburst blast(and all in AoE range).  Glacial shards next as they approach.  Then, EV and AoE as CD lets off...they should be dead after 1 more sandb.b.  Depending on which pv and what buffs you stack. Start killing sleepers from range and then repeat when chi fills....
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