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Armor Crush stones.

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So i know its kinda late to be asking this but how come armor crush got taken out and purged from barb weps but sins still get to keep it?

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Yeah thats kinda messed up barbs having it isnt OP but a sin who can x2 spark from stealth with frenzy up raping pretty much anyone they  do that to gets 2 keep the stones.
+1 on this, all players on server with armor crush now have an unfair advantage in the game.  If you're going to screw over 1 class with purging the stones, take it out of everybody else's gear.  When the server owner says "this was our mistake and we are not going to punish the players for it" but removes it from barbs, it's just deterring people from playing them because it poses discrimination towards them.  Stones should be removed in total, period.

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Honestly I agree. Either make them available to everyone again, or purge all weps that have them.
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I brung this up before to a GM. Rumour was they were being removed in a later patch. 3 Patches later, still here xD

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Well, to be on the fair side, yes each weapon with it should be purged, that way we can keep a little balance.
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Yeah, its lame that some people have them and they are  unattainable for others.
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I agree with this thread.
Agatio can we get an answer?
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>.< Aga? Anny GM?

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Those stones should definitely get either removed completely for anyone or just re-added for every player to use.

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They will be removed from daggers with the next patch.

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remove them from more then just dags pls, remove them entirely
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remove them from more then just dags pls, remove them entirely


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 ??? aweee dont do that my fists have them  :(