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An Older Poem.


You see that I am blind.
You've heard that I am deaf.
You said that I was mute.

I just turned a blind eye towards you
I listened to your enemies.
And spoke only against you.

You’re seeing naught but blood.
You’re hearing your own death rattle.
You’re struggling to speak.

Death needs no conversation.
Death cares not for listening to your fears.
Death need not fear being seen.

I wrote this after a very bad day.

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 :'( bad day, did the hair dresser didnt give u a lollipop ?
 cause that happens to me, allways ruins my day  ??? :'( ???


*laughs* No, I had a bad 14 almost 15 hour day and I was in a pissy ass mood after a customer mouthed off to me after I told her that I was off the clock and wasn't allowed to help...Normally I help anyway, but she was so holier than thou art, it pissed me off. >.>

*gives you a lollipop*

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I love how it basically says "You need to die". Well written.
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I love how it basically says "You need to die". Well written.

I was thinking the same thing, lol. I do like the poem though.