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Lvling a char with just lvl scrolls question

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What is cheaper, to start directly with sls or use ls till you reach a particular lvl and then go with sls?

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You can use sls from lvl 140 anyways.

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Well, if you are talking about starting at level 110, you can't use SLS until 140. So you'd either have to manually level until 140 or use LS.

From that stage, I guess it depends on prices and what you can get your hands on. But I am guessing SLS are faster and most likely cheaper and easier to obtain.


^ This guide is the amount of SLS and LS it takes per level (prices may be outdated, but scroll amount should be unchanged). Hopefully that will help a bit.

Is that what you meant?

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67 ls to 140 36 sls to 140-150

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thanks you all  much appreciated  :police:

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some classes dont even need SLS tbh, since u can afk lvl in PV

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I personally level to 140 and then SLS.
You can do strange stones from gods giving and another one in Morai.
So I just do that for a few days, maybe 1-2 PV's?
So super easy.

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67 ls to 140 36 sls to 140-150

Leveling on this server is without doubt a horrific ordeal that you must suffer every waking moment through.

Using scrolls from level 110-150 is the only way to go unless you want to PV until your so old you lose your eyesight and die from a rare cancer of the brain  :'(

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[shadow=gray,right]To be honest, I think the best / cheapest way to level if you really just want to use scrolls (would be to use the highest level scroll that you can actually use - etc - as posted before) BUT, if you:

Kill bunnies to 110,
then immediately go to the Gods Giving and start the Speed things up daily (that alone can jump you to 118-119 from 110),
Then, there is a chain quest in Morai. You don't have to read everything, just make sure you keep following the quest line until you finally end up on the far end of the map where the dungeon for the Endless Universe is.

Just from 1. Starting the Speed Things up daily  2. Also starting up the Lv 5 strange Stone quest in Morai  3. and Following this chain quest

I discovered that, from 110, I could get a toon to just under 140 OR at 140.
(( Maybe 138 - 139 ))

That saves you Gold, which you can use for many other things besides level scrolls (After you use scrolls to finish up to 150), which I'm sure your toon could use once they are 150.

[shadow=gray,right]But whatever your style is. This is just a method I found that I like.[/shadow][/size][/font][/i][/b]
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