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Dragon Claw

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Would it possible to replace the 25 Vit stat on Dragon Claw with something useful like Str/Phy atk or maybe even Atk lvl which i doubt will be done. But at least Phy atk or extra STR cuz vit is in my oppinion useless and it's not a r8 weapon so what's the point of having useless stat on fixed stat gear   :normal-1:

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Vit is love, vit is life
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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all 150 weps got the same problem, for example(unless it got changed) 150 magic crit sword got vit also and even the 150 glaive got +500 useless HPs http://prntscr.com/4vk24j.
if on one side id+1 this, idm those random stats since taking them away would make the annoying 1,5 system(i 1 shot u u 1 shot me) even more accentuated

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+5 attack level

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+4 atk lvl for make mared, or not good+noob

Offline Ky

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+1 i agree on removing the Vit

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+1, make new stat somehow available on 238 dex claw aswell  :smiley:
no guys i think vit on claw is useful for cata wbs

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I always been wondering why it has vit on it? lol +1 but it has to be done on all dragon weapons  :sad:
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proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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Maybe replace the vit with atk lvl or accuracy?

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And do that for dual edges too, +1
No ghuys bad suggestion

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+5 attack level

I second this

There's nobody better.