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just some short pk, was fun, cya next time
trash talk will be removed asap, so dont start

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[9:48:19 PM] Marius: [9:47 PM] Marius: try not to get it locked in 5mins pls

lock the thread.
lock the thread.

Hi. I came to trash talk.
It's like we burn so bright, we burn out
I made you chase me
I wasn't that friendly
My love, my drug, we're fucked up, oh

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Artifex knows how to win. Good job, keep it up!

 :normal-3: :normal-3: :normal-3:

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i was drinking tea and doing pk at the same time cuz easy

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When is the return of the WubWub team ?!?!?

On topic, good video , another good PK, nice GvG at end with GoodGame, one more victory .
Nice songs too.

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Great video Great ea

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I guess i go back inactive till challenge, nice video and **** music
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I guess i go back inactive till challenge, nice video and **** nusic

Nice video, music & gameplay Marius  :normal-25:
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are


Nice pk/Video Enjoyed it

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that easy???....k, i dont regret having left then
good vid&music alpha ea

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There's nobody better.

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Mario(s) trying to hide GG spy, while you can see that WR running around near you  O:-) :sad:

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was too easy so i logged off after 10 minutes