Epic Perfect World

EPW Pedja marathon


Tribute to SINIPAIN 0:00 - 11:48
GoodGame 11:48-19:20


20 mins almost  :normal-12:


20 mins almost  :normal-12:
almost :c

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Guiz, Xpendable remain legend, who agree


Good Video/Music/Gameplay

Bro i think Pedja > FactorEA 24/7 xdddd

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Holy sh1t dude that PK against artifex, i was dissapoint by way they played, GG pk

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 :normal-9: sini

nice vid and music bro  :police:

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[6:00 PM] Pedro: LOL Faeluna forever TeamSner + EdateSner


ty all :33
im still learning EA hard to play EA after WR and WB bro  :normal-9:

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good vid brotha  :police:


good vid brotha  :police:
:normal-4: ty bro
good vid bro
ty brother  ^-^
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Nice video, amateur.

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look at ted in that vid he is so good

                               Long live team J

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nice video bro good job