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Barbarian 1v1 series

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Big big mared xd

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nice vid slickerz

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nice video sir  :normal-42:

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l0l bro u could put at least the other 1v1 ended 3-0 for me  :normal-11:
nice video,nice skills,nice music


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Where is 720p or noob


Nice video, meng.

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You are in an inferior tier of werebeasts but the music was good. Nice change from the usual wannabe hipster music that all these kids making vids use.
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You are in an inferior tier of werebeasts

I agree

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i see you gettin' good bro, good job and nice video

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I think there need to be more WB videos in general =)

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There's nobody better.

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Big big mared xd

i agree   :normal-42: good video bro