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Best DPH sin gears and stuff

What would you guys think would be good r8 stats for dph? Is demon DPH as good as sage? Why not if so?


Get 1k+ Dex stat. Nice Gof daggers, with Atk lvl.
Sage sin.
3 spark, spam elimination.
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You need 3x magic or vit on all pieces of gear, a dagger with gof and vit, go full con and 1v1 only WBs, seekers and WRs and HA EPs. Have fun c;

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pretty much something like this






as for ornaments go for dex/str(then restat str to dex) or for atk lvl + dex/str(then restat str to dex)  and sage is better for dph

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Who needs DPH when you can be APS and beat any DPH in a 1v1?  :shocked: