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Friendly/Active/Helpful Officers

Officer List
Leader: Venega
Director: Komatoze



This is a faction for Territory wars, nation wars, PvP/PKing, bounty hunter, Phoenix Valley, TT dragonchild events (don't have them this very moment because we just started rebuilding but once we have enough active members we will have them again) and much more. We also try to have atleast 1 or 2 faction events per week. Also for a ds neck you are required to have 8k merit before getting one, unless the other officers suggest that you should get one for outstanding help to the faction, which includes outstanding performance in TW, or pk, helping members and quite a bit more/

We have two different sets of rules, Pk rules and normal rules, when in pk mode, duelling or anything else pvp-related, both sets apply.

Normal rules

1.) No begging anyone for anything, inside or outside of the faction. If you need anything or need help getting anything just ask.

2.) No spamming faction chat. If you're looking for a party some exceptions will be made as long as it is not too excessive.

3.) Respect everyone.

4.) Do not yell at anyone in the faction, if you have some sort of issue with them or if they do anything stupid PM an officer.

5.) Do base quests Daily. (2-3x a week at the least.)

6.) Do not cause ANY drama.

7.) Listen to the officers (Executors, Marshals, & the director) the same as you would the leader.

(adding more later im sure.)

PVP Rules

1.) Do not trash-talk anybody, no matter how much they gank you, and if they're hacking just report them.

2.) Do not pick up anything dropped by a faction member, If you do trade the person who dropped it and give it back to them you will be kicked (Old Bronze coins are free game)

3.) Do not pk anyone in the faction without an agreement being made first, and in any pvp event listen to any stated rules.

Officer Rules

1.) Do not cause or start any drama with anyone, Everyone in the faction represents Desolate.

2.) ALWAYS keep a calm level-headed attitude.

3.) Recruit and do base quests Daily

4.) Always be respectful to anyone (in or out of the faction)

5.) Do not trash talk to or about anyone in your faction, this always comes back in the end, and causes drama we don't need.

After knowing we're 125+ and knowing all of our rules if you still want to join pm any officer, or just reply here and one of us will get back to you. Also please apply on the website. this is the link to it. http://epwdesolate.shivtr.com/

With all of this, we are in search of more executors to help recruit more members, if you get a position (you can ask for it idc.) please remember it may or may not be permanent depending on how active you are, and how helpful you are.
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Desolate is rebuilding and re-opening our doors to all 125+ please pm me or an officer in game or comment here and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.
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Good luck guys

:D from Virus

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MERCER- 150 R8 Sage Psy
Vergel- 150 R8 Demon Mystic
Helller- 150 R8 Demon Wiz
Xehli- 150 R8 Demon Archer
AceVno- 150 R8 Demon Veno
Clressill- 150 Demon Assassin
Astrotic- 150 Cleric
And Counting.

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Good luck with guild friends! ;)