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89-96% crit rate..

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Being a sin, combination of base and critical damage is good, but what about all of your hits is critical?.. its makes your wolf emblem happier since base damage is useless.

How to do that?.       Your set will be:

Chiwen neck                      ~en.10 dex up
Dragon gear       +6%?
Dragon weapon +5%
              Stone     +6%
               Rune     +2%
Warsong belt     +4%?       ~en.10 dex  up
Cards  posible   +9%
Ring                     +8%        ~en.10 dex  up
Robe                    +2%?
Equivalent dex         880 ~ 900+ = 45%
Genie                   +2%

This is only for aps sin vs aps sin
My damage: 3k ~ 5k (critical) p/s in 2.86 ~ 3.33 aps
                       4k ~ 7k with extream poison
                       6k ~ 9k with EP and D.Wolf Emblem
    *I deal 8k ~ 9k most of the time per second

84% is below average
85% ~ 88% is average 7-9 of 10 hits is critical
89% above is sure 9-10 of 10 hits is critical!
(Observation in dummy)
If you are skillfull (not me) you can try this.

*Since i am not a runner. I always waiting sin doing his dual spark or even triple spark. Becouse 90% that time he is not going to run. . even im noob
I killed some skillfull sins somewhere there.
Do spark,, i dont care!! I will not run
If i used it correctly you will be killed before me!

Its not good in DPH because of low atk level.
(I dont know maybe becouse i didnt run even in painfull situation)

Im talking about high massive damage per second not your own skill how you play sins.

Becouse my playstyle is different . Running, kiting and camping is not in my dictionary. In all class!

I only share . Only if you want to try :-)

I do that stats not becouse i dont have good r8
My R8 is above average :-)
Its not the game is boring,
Its about the players. They are good in running
(Not me).

Thanks oblivion family.

 the noob player you ever met..

Thanks for reading hahahaha

You know it already?.. how sad :-(

Ill wait for the next expansion.

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With or without spark? and whats your crit? :rolleyes:

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With or without spark? and whats your crit? :rolleyes:

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