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Can't have skinny chars anymore?

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I just put my ini as 10 for entire body and 0 for head and when i click confirm it automatically goes to ~40-50.

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you needa do it manually i think, meaning not from the files but from the makeover lady, drag the slider to 0 then save click on the new saved preset and repeat it.

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Go to your Ini file to do it
Check this thread out, it should help a bit
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1,5 changed the minimum and maximum settings, so u can only if u had it already ON before the 1,5 patch.Infact i have some of them showing as sticks in the makeover window but when i apply them they dont work ;)


It's no longer possible to have stick INIs.

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Yes, as it was said. After NH patch, you can't be more skinny than values you get at Makover NPC. Even if you change them manually in your ini file, it will go back to the minimum value you can set at NPC.  :-\