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Eid Adha Mubarak

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dear EPW's muslims

first off all i would love to wish all of you happy aid full of happiness and joy ( and 3edeye XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD )

may Allah bless all of you and  accept your prayers, goats sacrifices .

try to not eat all the meat ...  give some to poor people

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''happy aid'' nice

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Eid Mubarak or Blessed Eid (Arabic: عيد مبارك‎, Bengali: ঈদ মোবারক, Persian/Urdu: عید مُبارک, Malayalam: ഈദ്‌ മുബാറക്‌, Somali: Ciid wanaagsan, ஈத் முபாரக்) is a traditional Muslim greeting reserved for use on the festivals of Eid ul-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr. Eid means "Celebration" and refers to the occasion itself, and Mubarak means "blessed"; for example: "Eid Mubarak, sister!"
Muslims wish each other "Eid Mubarak" after performing the Eid prayer. The celebration continues until the end of the day for Eid ul-Fitr (or al-Fitr) and continues a further three days for Eid ul-Adha (or Al-Adha). However, in the social sense people usually celebrate Eid ul-Fitr after Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha in the month of Dhul Haj (12th and Final Islamic month), visiting family and exchanging greetings such as "Eid Mubarak". This exchange of greetings is a cultural tradition and not part of any religious obligation.

in case someone doesn't know :-[


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As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu alhamdulillah subhanallah la il laha il allah muhammad a rasool allah
jazakAllahu khair have a good one
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Eid mubarak  ^-^ n I hope one day we'll celebrate it in syria like other countrys do
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It looks like you're a very religious person. I rarely go to church. Maybe once a year or twice :-\
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Mari is bae.
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It looks like you're a very religious person. I rarely go to church or something like that, once a year or 2 times. :-\
alhamdulelah i've changed  :normal-26:

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Eid Mubarak to all EPW Muslims.
May Allah accept our prayers and dua's insallah.

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Eid mubarak all  ;)


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Eid mubarak brothers

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ya 3'by brothers

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that thing 4 you 2 ahead.

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