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Well i dont know what to put here

Uhh i think im in the right place? ya i think anyways im here to suggest an upgrade to the inventory.I don't know if this was talked before or not but i don't care ill still type it anywho. What this does is that you can change your whole build or gear str,mag,dex,vit, and or gear all together  it would look like the cards slots thingy that you can like scroll it to the side it would have 4 slots like Slot 1,Slot 2 bleh, bleh, You could rename it to anything you want. Now how does this help?
Well now you dont have to pause every 10mins to buy reset notes because you want aps,tank,support,dd it would have a 3 minute cooldown and can only be used when not in combat like the teleport stones.It also helps in changing gears everyone here have alot of gears and when in 1v1 or mass you sometimes mess up gear with the one you want to put  so with one click you have the click ready for w/e gear or build you have on that slot. I don't know if i explained myself clearly enough and or if this is in normal PW i wouldn't know because i haven't played in 5 years. well... thats all  8)

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This is not implemented in PWI. As far as I know, and can tell, you are referring to the quick swap of gear like WoW has. I seriously doubt this will ever be implemented into PW at all. It would require both UI and base changes to both server and client. Im not a dev, so I dont know exactly what would be involved in making this change, BUT, I do know know a little and I seriously doubt that aga would wanna go through all the crap needed to add this into the game. TBH, and no offense meant, If you want fast gear change, play WoW.
I played WoW the molten WoW and tbh i didnt like it i didnt get far and i didnt knew WoW had one of those. I just thought it would help alot since people have to change build and gears

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This has been discussed before and Agatio answered.
If you scroll down in the above thread, you will find his answers.

The inventory has already been extended to 80 slots which I think is sufficient.
Surely you don't need 80 items on your person at all times.
I know people have pots and gear sets but there is a banker at every town/pk spot.

Aga said anymore than that creates bugs. And as for the system you are proposing, we cannot just create a brand new structure. We dont have the means to. It must be implemented by PW first.

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