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Spirit of the forge for Rings/Belts and Necks

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I was wondering if we could have a spirit of the forge like thing for rings, necks and belts

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that would be amazing lol +1
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easy 4 atk or def lvl? no ty


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and next thing ppl ask for will be that u can save the stats u want on weapons/armors/ornaments and reroll only the ones u dont like....

no ty... sry
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On gears its ok since they are personal and u even need to match 3 different stats but ornas are tradeable.

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Would be as asking for a spirit forge for hones lmfao.

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Would kill the market for ornaments as every would just reroll their own stuff.

Plus as someone said, this works for gear as it's untradable but not for orns.

-1 sorry

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No. Just no. Would cause too many bad things to server + economy.