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Our community is building-and quite fast. We encourage all members to invite their friends and other players that will maintain our standards of gaming. Epic PvP IQ isn't a must have to join. Members that play with dignity and have fun without poisoning the community are welcomed.Keep in mind this isn't just another guild.

Our standards of PvP/Pk isn't about who has the best Armor pieces,most kills or least deaths. We work togther as a guild,playing our roles to the best of our abilities to insure victory. This means Assist Attacking, keeping the Clerics safe and debuffing the enemies. What is great PvP? Quality or Quantity? Both. It takes a team(s) of focused individuals to be successful.

We are currently recruiting level 150s + R8 people.

We do BH/NW/TW/PK/DS/BQ/TT/ Faction Events and many more.

Our Current Officers are:

Leader: Tetai

Director: LooneyTunes



Our Website: http://defiledepw.shivtr.com/

See you soon  :tiger-25: :tiger-50:

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Good Luck with your faction

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best wishes to your guild.. checked your website rules seems really nice but my knowledge on english language is bad hence if free kindly explain these two rules to my pm

 Egoes: Please exist (or exit) the website if your ego prevents you from learning or sharing PvP Knowledge.
Egoes (2): Exist (or exit) website if you feel entiled because you've donated to Epic Perfect World

also remove this reply as soon as possible if you feel i wrote something wrong above..

ty happy gaming have a nice day friends :)
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happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls


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Good Luck guys

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Good luck with your faction!