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Im quiting sorry :'c


Cya guys was fun, idc what you say in response just know ill miss all of my friends! If you need me ill be on ArcheAge  Lucius NA server ign Tay.  if you wanna stay in contact my skype is on my forum profile! Cya guys! <3

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I forgive

now leave

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Bye(idc, i just post for count) gl

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[23:21:32] Solomon: he say sorry as if someone care

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we will miss you disrupted but please stay on forums we all love you here

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why =(((((((((((((((

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Wish you best of luck in whatever you do. ^-^
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Aww, take care man and goodluck.

There's nobody better.


Finally, bye bye


Admit it, we all going to miss this rude person. (Jk, bye fren~<3)

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I need colored username damnit :shocked: :rolleyes: