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Baby Pet Guide (Under Construction)

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~How to Name Your Pet~
~Baby Pet Pictures Part 1~
~Baby Pet Pictures Part 2~
~Veno Pet Guide~

How To Name Your Pet

NOTE: SCROLL DOWN to see pictures of every pet! Also, It's all in Spoilers so all those big pictures wouldn't lag your screen <3

Step 1: Getting Your Pet
NOTE:If you haven't done so already, buy a Super Cage from God's Giving to get spots opened in your pet bag!

A: Get to The Mounts & Pets NPC. I went to the one in West Archosaur.

Located Here!

B. Tab onto either Baby l or Baby ll For the All Class Pets you can buy and take with you on your adventures.  
NOTE: Battle Tab is ONLY for Venos! It's their Attacking Pets.

Step 2: Hatching Your Pet

A. Get to the Pet Manager NPC. I went to the one in North Archosaur.

Located here!

B. Her first option is to hatch the pet. Click on that option. A new pop up will come up asking for the pet. Right Click or Left click (Hold down the button!) and drag the pet from the inventory onto the pet egg slot. As seen here!
NOTE:It has a little fee of 2,000 or 0 coins to hatch the pet and 10,000 or 20,000 coins to change it back to an egg.

This is what you see when it successfully hatched!!

Step 3: Getting to Mrs. Zoologist

A. Say hello to Mrs. Zoologist, she is ONLY located in South Archosaur. She is only useful for venomancers when they are teaching their pets skills. If you do not have a battle pet, you can skip this step.

Located here!

Step 4: Naming your Pet

A. At the Pet Manager, select the option "Rename Pet".

There is no pet collar needed for renaming anymore.

B. Two things will pop up: Your pet bag and then the pop-up to rename the pet itself. You may need to take a moment to separate the two windows so you can see them properly. Right click or Left click(Hold down the button!) and drag the pet from the pet bag onto the other pop-up slot as seen here!
NOTE: Names can be up to 8 Characters. Spaces between letters will count as a Character!

All Done!! Hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck in the game! <3
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Baby Pet Pictures Part 1
NOTE: These are listed in order in Baby l Tab of the Mounts & Pets NPC. AND some were really hard to photo but I did my best! Some pets will make you go awwww but others may creep you out or make you go O.o TF? ijs.

Baby Bear

Baby Fire Fairy Pet Egg

Baby Butterfly Fairy Pet Egg

Baby Antelope Pet Egg

Baby Foxwing Pet Egg

Baby Elysium Fowl Pet Egg

Baby Huggy Hare Pet Egg

Baby Tabby Plumdrop Pet Egg

Baby Snow Hare Pet Egg

Baby Windwalking Piggy Pet Egg

Baby Cuddly Pup Pet Egg

Baby Froggy Pet Egg

Baby Dalmatian Pet Egg

Baby Hamster Pet Egg

Baby Parrot Pet Egg

Baby Turtle Pet Egg

Baby Frost Phoenix Pet Egg

Baby Blazing Phoenix Pet Egg
NOTE: This is a Veno pet.

Baby Drake Pet Egg

Baby Blazing Phoenix Pet Egg
NOTE: This is a Veno pet.


Baby Pillar Egg

Undead Bear

Crab Baby Egg

Baby Lochmur Egg

Bubble Fish Baby Egg

Black Egg

Cerbures Pet Egg

Celestial Butterfly Egg

Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg

Cursed Tiger Demon Pet Egg

Snowball Pet Egg
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Baby Pet Pictures Part 2
NOTE: These are listed in order in Baby ll Tab of the Mounts & Pets NPC. AND some were really hard to photo but I did my best! Some pets will make you go awwww but others may creep you out or make you go O.o TF? ijs.

Wedding Pixie Egg
NOTE: I zoomed in so you could see what they look like. They also fly around your head in a cirlce.

Familiar Pet Egg

Soccer Babe

Chimei Companion Pet Egg

Puplepuff Bird Pet Egg

Red Squirrel Pet Egg

Red Butterfly Pet Egg

Valley Lemur Pet Egg

Infant Devil Egg Male

Infant Devil Egg Female

Yeti Shaman Tarte Egg

Hunter Enchanter Hafar Egg

Slayer Mage Balhan Egg

Stalker Hunter Utuz Egg

Regal Owl Pet Egg

Pot-Belly Bloodkin Baby Pet Egg

Little Dino Egg

Murid Groundskeeper Egg

Murid Housekeeper Egg

Crystalspine Garuda Egg

Inspired Tortoise Egg

Inspired Swine Egg

Sir Cuddlesworth Egg

Lord Cuddlesworth Egg

Lord Pugly Egg

The Multibeast Egg

YY Male Bear Pet Egg

YY Female Bear Pet Egg

17173 Octopus Pet Egg

Sina Eyeman Pet Egg

Draonet Q

Panderic Knight
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Veno Battle Pets

Helpful Sites

Veno Pet Skills- Hit "lvl max" button on the far right to see the full affect of the skill. Remember that you can only have FOUR skills on your pet. You can Unlearn and Relearn any skill that is at Mrs. Zoologist till you feel what is best for your pet. Also, there are certain skills that are not available by Mrs. Zoologist that are on this link. That means that those unavailable skills are on a pet that comes naturally.

Veno Skills-  Click on the Veno picture, Scroll down and there's the Sage and Demon option. You can constantly change back and forth from Sage or Demon. Hopefully this will help in choosing your decision on to go Demon or Sage. Your play style (whether you want to be more supportive or attack) will affect what Cultivation you wish to choose.

Veno FAQ'S
NOTE: Ask me a question and I'll answer it here. <3

Q: Can you name Veno pets too?
A: Of course :D The only things you can't name are Mounts and Flyers.

Q: What can be my pet?
A: Any mob in EPWI that's NOT in instances (PV, GV, Sot etc), bosses (Cannon, Hauntary Queen, GM spawned bosses, etc), or "?" marked mobs. But, they HAVE to have the Green symbol next to the animal's name. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

Q: My Tame skill didn't work. What's wrong?
A: Either you are too low of a level and the pet "symbol" is not green or you didn't weaken the pet enough for the Tame skill to work. Or the mob can't be tamed.

Q: What's the fastest way to level my pet?
A: Take your pet into OHT and kill the "?" mobs. Ground and Flying pets can be summoned there and those "?" mobs are the most experience "?" mobs I know. You HAVE to have your pet hit the mob to get the experience. Another way for both flying and ground pet is by Rancor events. Ground pets can be in instances so you can have them hit a gv or pv mob every now and again. But do remember that your mob can't out level you so remember to level yourself while leveling your pet.

Q: What are the best pets to use?
A: The Owl and Dragon pet from the Event Forge (in a different guide) are the best ones for a veno. Problem is, is that you need Event Tokens or EC to obtain such pets. If you do not have the funds then you can get used to using a pet by using the Hercules and Phoenix from the Mounts&Pets Npc.

Q: What skills is best for PK?
A: Well, if the pet has any Defense skill I would keep at least one. Your pet is squishy as it is and a little defense wouldn't hurt. Don't keep any Aggro, D.O.T. (Damage over time), Element or Healing skill that it may already have. The only D.O.T. skill you should get is the Bleeding one. Get any other skill that stuns or debuffs that you like. There are more then one ;p

Q: Why can't I summon my Pet?
A: Maybe you are in an instance and it's a "ground pet" only zone. If you have any ground pets like Hercules or the Dragon those can be summoned. Or maybe the pet has died and needs to be rezzed first. Last thing I can think of is that you are standing in midair and can't summon any pet. Places like that are at the Beginning room of some instances, bridges, or any "ground" that is over water or too high up into the air.
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Pet list has been updated :D Hopefully you guys like it and Do tell me if I made any mistakes. Thank you
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Is the black kitty still in game and if so how do you get it?

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Yes it's there in the even forge, special tab.. Can be bought for event tokens.

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im not able to see any images  :rolleyes:
is it just me ?  :sad:


Same here.. No pictures.


Not just you ET, probably broken Pic links :x

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its solved i contacted her.
apprently that host website works only for members due to privacy settings.
(this is my guess, i never used that)
she will upload the images on monday i think, sorry for the inconveniance (dunno how to spell this  :rolleyes: )

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Uhm. 0.0 All of the veno stuff is... Mmm. Nixes are rubbish, Hercs are even worse. Best pets are the owl and the dragon. '-' I would suggest adding that in.

Good guide though.
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The guide is from August 2012 lol

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The pictures from Last year are so old that it has the OLD Pet manager skin and now the new pretty one lol
I feel like they are too outdated for the skins and server we got now....sooo....

I'll retake the pictures of all the pets
It will take me a day or two to get everything pictured and cropped :3

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lemme know if you need anyhelp siri :P