Epic Perfect World

Warning trying out head-on PvP.

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Nice video, music was okay, probably bc you let Nidawii pick it

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Beautiful intro, and that music  :normal-4: :normal-4: :normal-4:

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nice music and intro, waste of your time to record pk against this undeveloped faction tho, but gj i was glad to see the constant AA which was not really needed for this kind of pk, but good gameplay keep it up

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Good music and nice video. :)
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Good video and music. Nice job, Harp  :smiley:


zzz pk. I think someone is lost in thread *cough*


Great Music,Good Video, This was hardly pk xdd

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Good to see Warning at PK going hard

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dun AA me  :sad:

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Good Video.
Loved the Music!

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Nice video, music was okay, probably bc you let Nidawii pick it
lmao tay


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Nice video, atleast they tried. I missed it though.  :'(