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So just recently I have starting getting my cards only to find out theres more to it.. there is something called nuema and I don't understand it or how to get leadership higher will someone tell me pretty please?

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You get your leadership higher by buying the War Avatar Catalysts, I believe their called, and turning them into the guy across from the Sacred Forge by the tree in Primal World, I'm not sure his name. 360 Catalysts total gets you full leadership. For Nuema you have to buy the Nuema chests from boutique or do the primal dailies to get nuema chests. There are 6 Nuemas. One for each card type. Destroyer, Battle, etc. There are 5 tiers to each nuema. With each tier you get more attributes. It takes 26 nuemas of one type to get a full 5th tier.

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neuma increases the tiers and that increases the stats you get from the cards because you can't level the cards in this server. Leadership is something you need to equip at 6 war ava cards you need 360 war ava catalysts which are from gods giving 2nd utility tab then go to kirin town in primal world and talk to war avatar master and level up leader ship through quest related etc. and not to sound like a dick.... but there are guides for all this stuff.... so it's best to take an attempt to find those guides than creating a thread for a new question or do go to support chat in game if a gm is on.

and nvm... this post now useless cause previous poster got it o.e