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GoodGame vs Warning vs Artifex vs Xpendable

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nice video,  @ 1:15 best part when i atacked u xD


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Good Game bro and nice vidoe

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Was great pk sadly i had to leave in the middle of it but fun > epw  :normal-3:
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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Nice pk as always :3  GG #1

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Nice video and very good WB

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good video, good wb

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GG #1. Nice video bro

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Nice video & Pro squad  :tiger-25:

[6:00 PM] Pedro: LOL Faeluna forever TeamSner + EdateSner


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Nice video , that pk was pretty good aswell.
Good survivals aswell , enjoyed the song.

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I like song  that Predrag has in signature


Good video and music

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