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Which one is better in pvp (as mass pk and 1v1) bm or barb?

10 (58.8%)
7 (41.2%)

Total Members Voted: 17

Blademaster or barbarian?

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Well, my question and the poll topic says all. I am wondering which is better in both ways :) and why if you could answer me.
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I voted for Blade master. I can't really compare the 2... They each have a totally different play style.. The barbarian is a tank (Whilst being strength build also) therefore dealing damage too, but compared to the blade masters damage+weapons+ skills, the blade master excels.In a 1V1 scenario i think both are strong...In mass PK, I by far favor the blade master because they can stun+heavens flame and they have many other AoE skills and stuns.  The Barbarians also have AoE damaging skills and 1 AoE stun (2 if you have demon Frighten, but then again that has a certain percentage of occuring, can't really be relied. So in Conclusion I think the Blade Master is a more dominant force in PK.

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Barbs can spam might swyng, BMs dont.  :police:

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Berserk summed up well.

BM is much harder to play well than a barb.

Hard to pick which is better for vs pking, if both player equal ability and eq I would say bm edges it as much more variety to their play and more ability to remove lots of the barbs bonus attributes.

In a straight up toe to toe fight barb will out damage a bm all day long, but if your dumb enough to let them then more fool you, if a tactical battle then bm should win.

 Mass pk wise barbs are headless chickens, but bm need to be played strickly and is very much a team 1st player in mass pk.
So which is best in mass pk is determined by your playing style, loose cannon barb, team player bm.