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Warsong Emblem Issues

Offline mashellz

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I just started playing three days ago, really love it. Finally reached 200m regular coins and wanted to buy rep so I purchased 6,000 Warsong Emblems from The Watcher Of The Earth because the item says
"Use this item to exchange for Genie Gears At The Watcher Of The Earth, Or Exhange 2 of them for 1 Wraiths Officer Badge (25 Reputation)" but I can not find the option to exchange them Anywhere. So I asked numerous players and they informed me that there is no option to exchange them anymore. So I lost 150m coin? I am just wondering if I'm just not finding where to exchange them, or if that part just wasn't taken off of the item when the option to exchange was taken out of the game. Thank you for your time

Offline King Kazma

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This option was removed, only way to ascend in rep is to spend 1000ec or obtain 40gold and buy 8000 Wraith Officer Badges from the boutique in order to ascend to rank 8

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You can buy it  using 40 event gold  for 8000 badge = 200k reputation., event gold can only obtain via voting the site..
You can buy it using epic coins, 1000ec, ec can be obtain in events, farm it in ethernal sleep, bh, twighlight temple and daily quest
You can obtain 200k reputaion using your 1000 morai order daily quest points.
                            Everyday you can acuired 300 points,
                            Everyday you can only use 100 points to exchage for reputation pills
                            Every reputation pills cost 5 points equivalent to 1K reputation
                            Means everyday 20K reputation , equivalent to 10 days for 200K rep.
You can also obtain badge on your faction base
                            For every 3000 contribution points = 1000 WO badge
                           Means 24k contribution points= 8000 WO badge = 200K rep.
                           Contribution points can only obtain on base /faction daily quest
                            For lower level guild/faction/base you can acuired 300 con. Points a day
                           For high level guild/faction/base you can acuired 1k con points a day.

Offline Areashiii

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Wish I knew about this before it got removed.