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Demonic Recraft and Morai Furnace + several other ideas

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I got some nice ideas which should be a nice improvement for EPW
First a small list of the ideas :
  • Demonic Recraft
  • Morai Furnace
  • GV Coin increase
  • EU boss Drops

  • Demonic Recraft
1st idea :
Since the new Patakas and the new Xbows are out i figured that there is no Demonic Recraft section on Weapons.
It would be nice if i could recraft my old Int Xbow to the new Channel Xbow or Pataka.
Id also recommend to do a recraft option, like it is possible with the Dragon Sword either to GoF or SF, for the Xbow either int or channel.
Also maybe for the Pataka for STr based or Mag based

  • Morai Furnace
2nd idea :
I already mentioned that idea for the patch wish list.
it also had positive resonance, so ill tell the idea again.
The idea is simple :

Some of the Morai spells are just accessable through Endless Universe Chest.
And there are MANY spells u can get through the chest.
In addition its not even sure that u get the spell u want or even get an other spell.

So an Exchange Furnace for only EU morai books would be nice.
U can exchange each EU morai book to a scroll, but u need like 2-3scrolls for an other book.
So its not a 1v1 exchange and not  too easy to get.
And make the scrolls maybe buyable for EC and Gold.
Price shouldnt be too low though

  • GV coin increase
3rd idea :
I dont know if its already changed, but i think its not a problem if i mention it.
Since OEC are a wave reward the coindrop of the Mushroommobs isnt that high anymore.
Id like it if the coin drop of the mobs goes up to 200m-250m again like it was in the past.

  • EU boss drop
4th idea :
I would prefer an item drop change of the EU bosses.
The items they drop are totally useless.
I would change the drop either to more coins or maybe EC or other things.
I dont care to what but a change would be nice.
EU isnt doable multiple times a day, so its not that bad to change the drops of the bosses.
Means if the drop gets good its still not farmable by a large group of ppl.
I also assume that more people would do EU if the drop gets at least usefull of the bosses.

Offline Wolfgang

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1st idea +1000
This i think is useful because now is r8 here and maybe dragon recraft, who knows:)

2nd idea +1000
It seems fair as long is not 1-1 excange:)

3rd idea -100
This will lower the price of ec even more... i dont like this part :(

4th idea - i dont know my eu quest is missing so i never attended one:)

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Thx so far for ur opinion

Ure maybe right, the coins increase would lower the ec price.
Didnt rly think about that cause it was in the past usual to get 225m coins of gv

to the 4th... u have to do first some morai quests before u can do EU

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Actually ... it should raise price of ec...
higher amount=lower demand=lower price. more coins=less coin value=higher prices
And i agree with the recraft option, it'd be nice to have int and channel option for xbow... and same for patakas.

just another idea, since i dont have time to make an own thread.

: channel random for r8 recast.
With the atk lvl options a normal random cast options with atk lvls could make a sweeet option for magic dmg ea combo

(^short version of the idea)
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