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Some RPK :)

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we hade some nice funn ;)

NO hate plis  :))


gf world lol nice video bad music

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L4L u 3 spark more frequently than i undine xddd  :normal-11: :normal-11: :normal-11:

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great video i love you vook
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Nice video ;o med music
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well let me tell you my opinion.
vid is good but slow and music is ok. dont try be BlackDeath . and all i see that wf carried whole pk. GG

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These dmg.... Good video. Love u savn <3

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Okay I watched first 30 secs but from what I see...
Tip 1: Render in 1080p instead of 720p for better quality.
Tip 2: don't speed up music, speed up video.
Tip 3: Veno did most of the work.
No offense, see gm, I'm good player, very nice pls remove moderation.