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Which class would you choose?

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What are the main differences between wizards, psychics and mystics (in pvp) and which one would you choose to play? 
Who has the higher attack/defense etc? I'd like a short description based on pvp for each one of those classes, pros and cons. Ty.  :P

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Psychic - starter aa class. The damage for them is okay, but they get one hit a lot by barbs, sins, archers and sometimes even pets if they have 0def.
Mystic - dd/support class - They aren't anything special. Everyone has their own opinion if they are fun or not. They basically spam two of the 4(?) skills they have for pvp, besides heals. I say they are better for healing ep's in pvp.
Wizard is not a starter class. In my opinion out of these three wizard has the highest attack. They can kite easily while doing damage.
Mystic has the highest defense or the highest chance of living out of these three.
But, this is just a tiny opinion of mine. I could say more but I don't feel like it right now. ^-^
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psy = if u mean by 1v1, psy is easy to play, only class that sh1ts on them is mystic cause of AS, if ur timing is good, u can drop any class apart from mystics...mystics are a special case and not quite easy to kill, for mass pk, gameplay is pretty easy, just stay near ur squad leader, spam the aoe purify(as sage, which is common and by far most effective in mass) use AOEs when u AA and try to spam the CC skills(aoe stun/seal) in groups as much as u can, black voodoo = mass pk spammed, go white only when u get aa'ed, if u stay in white voodoo even if u dont get attacked, u are as useless as a 140lvl type DD(the damage in white is worthless that even a HA EP would deal more) Dont avoid sparking to take down targets as long as u are effective in mass pk/rpk
Wizard = by far, from all u stated, best choice for mass pk, a great AA machine, with lots of CC options, support (heal and aoe 180k mdef skill, the one that purifies, forgot the name fck me) great survability in mass pk, iceprison is best skill as a MG, just spam it in crouds, making them unable to cast skills and move(like a stun but has a lower process and lasts 3 secs(?)  in repeated times, great damage, mountain seize is an aoe stun that deals decent damage, the blade tempest skill deals sh1t load of damage in crowds aswell for the water dragon(again forgot name) a lot of AOEs, water, fire and earth based damage. MG is hard to play in 1v1, this class is designed to mass pk mostly, after the patches that nerfed its 1v1 posibilities
Mystic = a 2nd EP. you will mostly heal and CC in mass pk, same for 1v1. Yes, you will spam heals and petals + spam pets to stun(chihyu, endless stun) along with a lot of herbs, 13sec sleep or debuffling creeper which reduces mdef, pdef, aps, ct of enemy by 50%(?) or somethin around that. Mystic is fun to play, yet, if u main one, starts to get boring, for 1v1 is mostly a hiero bug combo, or 2-3, like, there isn't really a versatile class in damage wise, but very different in builds tho, you can be vit for support, half HA for support, full magic with full ct for 1v1 and mass pk, full magic with full magic set for mass pk or full phy reduce for mass pk(survability, healing WRs and EPs)
All are 3 great choices that would bring u lots of fun. I'd vote for  psy, the gear is relatively easy to do, requirement is 20 magic on each r8 piece, a 25+ atk lvl sphere and 20 magic ornaments and u are ready to play, a def wep is also necesarry.
If u have sh1t load of ec and u are not bored, just go roll a mystic, get -6 % ct wrist, -3% ct every other piece, a purify wep, a phy ring and a 20 magic ornaments set and go play it and learn new combos and stuff, its way more fun imo
mage is best for 1v1 and mass pk, but gear is mega expansive i wouldnt make it if i dont have 150k ec in inventory first
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I would say wizard. If you get good engraves on your ornaments and get ct and magic on your r8, you'll be doing quite a lot of damage.
Good in 1v1 as well as mass. :)
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wizard is good if you have -98% chant base with drgon wep nd -87 base with r8 weapon LIKE ME :D

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MG but gear is expensive i would make sure you had a lot of ec before making r8 gear.

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It depends on your play style.
Psychic is a strategical class based mainly on defense. It isn't an easy class so there are obviously not many good psychics around. It isn't also that much attractive for most ppl (most like to play offensively). Some people choose psychic due to its high attack, but again, a good psychic is based on defense.
Wizard is another strategical class, baes on offense. It is also a difficult class to play, so there are obviously not many good wizards around. People like wizard, because they think, it is an easy class and after a while, that they have mastered it, but this is far from being the case.
Mystic is an all-rounder class. It is a very strong 1 vs 1 class, it  provides a good support in mass pvp, not a typical killer  class. If you like to play with friends, like to support your guild in pvp, a mystic is a good choice. There are good mystics around so you can get a good feedback regarding this class.
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I have psychic and its good in pve and pvp.   
You have 15 second stan if succeed
Second to wizard in damage
Lowest chaneling
Soul of silence

Strenghts> APS Sin, DPH archer,seeker
Weaknes> mystic, dph sin, blade master

I have mystic too but i think its not realy good in pvp if your r8 is not pk ready
You have instant heal
Avatar to stun and seal anytime
Plants to weakens enemy
Absorb soul for mages target
High physical defence if fully buff 1v1
You have the lowest cast time

Strength> phychic,cleric,wizard
Weaknes> sin, archer, barb

I have no wizard but you are good in camping
You have arcane defence good to stay away in melee class
You have the highest damage
A lot of skill to use
Moderate physical defence
Less critical damage recieve
High magical defence

Strenght> , cleric ????
Weakeness> barb, ???

Its only my opinion hahahahaha

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They have ballz

of fire :normal-49:

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Choose Psychic, read my guide, and u will build a Megazord Psychic.  :police:

And its cheap...

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And its cheap...

I beg to differ. I've spent 60k ec on my Psy's gear and I'm still unhappy with it.

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I beg to differ. I've spent 60k ec on my Psy's gear and I'm still unhappy with it.

As i told, go read my guide, u probably trying 3x magic on R8.  :police:

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Go mystic if you want tanky/dd with heals and 1hit psys, pay to just dd or be useless like mentalista ur choice of play, mg for good physical defense and amazing damage vs ha and la classes