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Warning - 17 mins of boring video but at least music is nice

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Say music is nice or i delete post !

Roses are red
Blood is red too
So hide the knives
Cos I’m coming for you!

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was a long and fun pk. good video.

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  • Mentalista got rekt
  • Sin who floored Mentalista
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shiit music nice vid ;d

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  • I be back m8
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Nice video harpist  ^-^

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  • Allahu Akbar
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Most boring Epic coolest dumbest nicest worst #1 Op Video
And Nice Music

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Nice video harpy want to see more WR video than EA video but other than that your so good keep it up ;)


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LoL Charlize afk till dead and leave pt nice player :shocked: ???
Nice video nice music and speaking of music first song reminds me of bjork but i dont think its bjork :d what is it :rolleyes: