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I got a question on Defense Level.I know that Defense Level works to lower the enemy/enemies physical and damage on hit to you.

So the question is:
Is Defense Level is a Absolute Defense?I'm just confuse about the damage calculating

Yes yes I know that Def Lvl minus Atk lvl = the damage should be lower/higher by percent.

Or vice versa

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Defense level = % damage taken just like it goes for magic and phy attack
Attack level = % damage dealt


Whenever you take damage, your base defenses and defense level are taken into account. For every point of defense level you have over the attacker's attack level, 1% less damage is taken. If you need help with equations, the link below can help you.


So to answer your question, the defense level is defense, however it may/may not change depending on the attacker's attack level(s).

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I think that ninja said that they had mixed with atk/def lvls, but I lost the link for it & forgot name so rather hard to search for it:/
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Then my question is solved.

I know this question is out of topic but how much is the average of mages in  Pk?yep they hit me so hard if I go battle type but if I go cata build+def lvl set  their damage is only 8-15k,still a crappy damage to me.

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if ( attack level > defense level ) then:
damage taken = damage delivered * ( 1 + ( attack level - defense level ) / 100 )
if ( attack level < defense level ) then:
damage taken = damage delivered / ( 1 + ( 1.2 * ( defense level - attack level ) / 100 ) )

Average mage defence level can vary from low (10) to high (100+ for psychics).

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