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Well, ill be leaving as well

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I just want to say right in start, sorry to Artifex faction for my low activity for past 2 months. I wanted to attend pk's and events but i was losing my will to play the game itself. Ive been on EPW for over 2 years now and its been fun. Ive met many people, some great some not so great. Ive pissed some people off but hey, sorry about that. The game itself just doesnt entertain me anymore for different reasons but server itself is great. Im writing this post to basically let anyone who might care bout me know that ill be quitting, in hopes they will actually see this ofc. U can contact me, my skype is there so im not worried bout that. Anyway, its been fun, and i hope rest of u keep having fun and enjoying the game.

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Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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Bye Vindex.   :normal-36:

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Take care nig, u gonna come back dw.

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Well, bye bye and good luck in real life. :)
Agatio, EvilTouch, Alexypk, Magestic, Chocolate, Dream and Suns were all slain by Balnazar. Keeping scores?

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but if u go who ill kill after? u my best nigga  :sad:
ill miss the times when i killed u :sad: :'(


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Bye Man,Gl Irl
Thx for helping me with seeker that on time.Cya


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was fun to play with u vindex tc man and good luck


Take care, man! Stay safe out in the insane world. <3

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Have fun and take care

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Bro, in two months you grew a beard and made a good ass movie.

Kudos to you sir and Good luck, hope you come back man.



Cya mate, hope you have fun