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The End Of The Black Death

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This is last video. college is already started :(

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Your best bro but first is....
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Good video brother. o/

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Awesome video.  :shocked:
I wish I could play sin like you guys. -.-
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Alpha video, idk how you can play and survive so good using mouse only

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best rpk sin I've ever seen, good luck with college ;)


Nice video Sam, you are one of the best assassins on the server.   :normal-42: Good luck irl.

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Hallo Blackdeath my student, Good video and may you have good teacher IRL like Bloodfeast ingame gl

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Good video, hope to see ya around soon again, tc.


Good video, good luck with college

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what did u just say
u dare raise voice on second best's assassin after Mutilate video thread

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Very nice video bro, gl in college