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BloodFeud invites active PVPS, English speaking players lvl 140+ for PVP/pve/DS/future tws. We don't have ALOT of rules and we use raidcall. For more info or invites PM in game.

Director: Ummm

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Best of wishes & Good luck! ^^

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Good luck with your faction ;)

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Good luck with your faction

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We are now recruiting players 140+ of all classes for pvp/guild events/server events. We assist with tm runs for those who need them. Well...we assist with everything our members need actually. If you would like to join a friendly guild then please pm Ummm , Chango , IgnitionCoil , Bimil, Tayken, Malben , or myself Araushnee ingame for an invite. We would love to have you join our family. Thank you for reading. See you in-guild soon hopefully!!

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BloodFeud is BACK after 5-6 weeks Chango and I made it back finally!!! We were trying to move in RL and things didn't go as planned, we haven't forgotten epic or BloodFeud.  A lot of our members are returning and we are back to recruiting. Please watch world chat or PM Ummm or Chango for invites.

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BloodFeud is recruiting all levels for PvP/PvE/TW/NW/DS/more! Just pm any officer or leave a reply here for info and/or invite :)

We are still working on growing better and stronger and we'll be delighted to have you help us!

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We are back!! (Chango too!!)

BloodFeud is currently inviting new active members. After a couple months off epic due to having a baby we are rebuilding. We do faction events, poke around at each other and have lots of fun. For more info or invites pm Chango or Stitchez in game.