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Make a chibi version of your char

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I made one, and it was really fun ^^ Wanted to share if you guys want to try too :3


Loralei - 150 Sage Sin
Lunae - 150 Demon Archer
TaiaLeonhart - 150 Sage Seeker
Lunarei - 145 Sage Cleric
KarIiah - 145 Sage Venomancer
Xatai - 150 Demon Wizard
Noxwood - 135 Demon Blademaster
Loralai - 124 Psychic
_Lykaios_ - 136 Sage Barbarian
Zethyr - (pending) Mystic
NightingaIe - 123 Sage Archer

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Myyy EP

Myyy Psychic

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here's my veno. sooo cute.. :D
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Males get the shaft.




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Mikau - 150 Sage Archer (unofficially retired)
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Catfish - 150 Sage Psy (main PK gal)
Phalanx - 150 Demon BM (because impulsive)

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He isn't too happy he looks sorta like a girl.

Ty Chiibi for the great Avatar and Siggy <3

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First off, this was just to cute to pass up, and even after I did this I went click happy on all the other little games LOL. Anywho, my cleric~

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I had funnnn.
Those are so pretty and accurate. :'(
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