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Recent video, dont complain about music its op  :normal-37:


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that music......................


Are you raveboy from 1996  :shocked: ??? :shocked: ??? :shocked: ???

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 :police: op vid as always


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Nice video , ye harpist next time you pm me for song pls xDD

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Music is the best in this video since my wifey wasnt online  :pig-19:

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Good vid,liked the 1st song a lot

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nice video op music ^-^

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Awesome video and fun pk too  8)
"May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I wont"


music was better than on most of video in my opinion  :normal-2:
OMFG U SONG STEALER BURN IN DEPTHS OF HELL STOLE MY ASTRONOMIA  :normal-14: :normal-7: :normal-5: :normal-6:
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gonna add all your video to play list onli 4 the music tbh

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Nice video harp