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Happy Anniversary Artifex!!


Aga allowed me to post this video in here, since it has nothing to do with advertisements of servers, in fact, it's a video showing artifex's story line, since day one it was formed until later today. It's all arranged in orders from day 1.

Started as the most hated guild, yet ends as one.
12 month strong, 3 servers dominated.


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Happy anniversary Artifegs!

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Best history lesson i ever listened.

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Sad cause no videos from older days on PWV, but still alot of effort into searching all those videos Sab , nice.

Alot of good pks , older friends who no longer play aswell. Good memories, definitly good days aswell.

Enjoyed the video , wish it wasn't so dark tho LOL


wish it wasn't so dark tho LOL


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im crying so damm bad at this

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There's nobody better.

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I fast forwarded a lot, but good musico fren.

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That closing part of that video tho.
I just died lmao


Gratz on 1year, and going strong as ever =)!  Hope you stay on epic for a long time, you all are great people


Muse good band.

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That ending  :normal-2:

 :-[ Cody > Noki
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