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Artifex Vs Xpendable TW - Third Sweep

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First 1 min got cut off while rendering i have no idea why.. but ya enjoy pretty long ass video.. 19 min even after making it 6x speed.
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pretty easy pk, can't give more than 9/10 due to that reason.

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Mario going ham, great video.  :normal-42:

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Good job there...
I think Artifex was better again for 3rd time in a row... Or am i wrong?  :normal-1:


Nice video sir!

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8:30 best song  :normal-2: :normal-13:

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Aw Good video Austin.
Was a good TW Thanks XP

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i tear droped from my face at the end with the cody talk LOL

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 :normal-42:[shadow=red,left]that speech, so inspirational.. nice video and TW btw..[/shadow]

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Artifex still sucks  :normal-22:
Never win even number  :normal-21:
First TW was coz enemy didn't care
Second TW coz they were "cocky"
Third TW, who knows but i'm sure there is some excuse
 :normal-21: :normal-22: :normal-32:


Good video.  Congrats on yet another victory. Any challenge?

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I like the music choice in the video.

Interesting TW for sure. Thank you for the fight.

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Good job, Mario.