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mount upgrade

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I dunno if it was suggested but I would love to be able to upgrade some of the level 11 mounts to level 15. I loved that you can upgrade the flyers but there are some awesome mounts I would love to be faster.  8)


I think you already can? but im prolly wrong so +1


You can't yet.

Then again I don't know so I'll stay indecisive.

Offline Balnazar

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11m/s mounts can't be upgraded to 15m/s mounts as of yet. But like the flyers, I think it's possible for Agatio to implement it.
Would be cool to have some of the 11m/s mounts as 15m/s mounts!  :smiley:
In pwi, they used something called "galewind spurs" I guess to upgrade mount speed. (which isn't available here) :p
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