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Squad Bug

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Not sure if there was a topic about it yet.

The bug/glitch happened to me a few times and to other players too.
You are in a pt and for example in HDD - in the next moment you arent in the pt anymore - but i havent left it and leader didnt kicked me. It's just like a random "oh lets go troll this human and make him leave pt" in Squadchat it says that the player  left (->on his own), but i didnt.
Happened to me in HDD and FSP yet. Not sure if anyone else have seen this before.
Would be nice to know what's wrong :P
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 :'( it happens allot during nw  :'(


I've never seen this bug happen. Not during NW, FSP, HDD, or any BH's/GV's that I've been in.

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Maybe game trying to tell u to L2  Instance Solo. HDD easy solo. Divide soul into 6 pieces and run chains ez'd. Problem solving skills = 0
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This bug actually happens a lot on pwi as well. I haven't personally had it happen to me, but others I've squaded with have.
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Are bad GNs that dunno how to pvp so get fun trolling people PVEing    D:

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I also have had this happen to me.

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