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Newest videos always on top!

Epic PW - Outcasts☆ vs. Warning 6/12/2014 - We Dem Boyz

Epic PW 1.5.1 - 720noscoped (uploaded 28th.08.2014)

Epic PW 1.5.1 - Fighting Outnumbered (uploaded 24th.08.2014)

Epic PW 1.5.1 - Analgeddon (uploaded 22nd.08.2014)

Please do not hate anything, it's just about the fun, trash will be deleted.
More videos to come up.

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Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy. I'll watch after dinner.


Bad quality, and horrid songs imo.  Decent pk i guess.  Work a little bit more on trying to improve your videos, but good start. That intro is annoying tho, its just useless shaking the screen.

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I love how you harass eps xD
Those eyes, those eyes I'll always remember, the ones that lit the embers that destroyed the world I knew..

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Both of these were really fun PKs ♥ GG

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Lol bro what rise, we were always on the topxDDDD.
Gj brothama ^^

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Soundtrack on the second video, quite enjoyable.

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Nice vid good pk

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Ola its my schutstaffel brother of the waffen SS BigNutz, nice videos broski  :-*

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Overall good gameplay, nice harassing and keeping squad buffed. Disrupted full jelly


Overall good gameplay, nice harassing and keeping squad buffed. Disrupted full jelly
Not jelly the video quality even on 1080p was bad for me, might have just been my own computer lolol.  I was just giving constructive criticism gosh

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the 2 vdeo was really god i liked the music + you buff your pt allways and u control the front line gj man