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Unique reward chest lvl 140 not working

Offline sennis

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I just hit 140 and the box is not working, i can not access my lvl 140 weapon and whatever else it gives. Any help would be appreciated

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Pray to the great Agatio that it works after relog

Offline sennis

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Tried to relog but still nothing will toggle...  :'(


Is your inventory full?

Offline sennis

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Quest list not full (3/30), Inventory not full (i have like 2 lines taken up and have max inventory), also reached Arcane Sky X and it never popped up then either...Ugh this is irritating lol

Offline Balnazar

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Make sure that your quest list and inventory is not full. If it still doesn't work, post on helpdesk.
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Which reward are you not getting? Level 140 or Arcane Sky X? Anyway, what is the problem exactly, can you see the reward but not claim it or are you not getting the reward notification at all?

Offline Agatio

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Go out from the instance to the main map and you will get it.

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You're not getting the Arcane Sky X reward because you need to be 150 to get it, idk about the 140 reward tho.

Offline sennis

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OK, Its now working, wooot woot haha, thanks all for your help
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