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EPW era is done

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Its been a blast everyone, but im done with epic thank you for all the amazing fun. and all the strange parties i got into. its been the best time of my life but its time to move on. good luck everyone


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wat was your ign name?????

take care btw

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its been the best time of my life

This is kinda sad, hope your life gets better. Bye

[05:17:02] Aisling: oh my god Teru i'm am bow DOWN to you + all your future offspring that carry the genes of MASTER and LEGEND within them. as you spread your superior sperm to impregnante the mothers of your enemies I will stand back in awe at your utter perfection and sob when the realization hits that I will never be more than a speck of dust in your presence

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bye mr enjoy your life


Bye random I never knew. Wish you the best on your journey of life.

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Bye random I never knew. Wish you the best on your journey of life.
Thank you for your kind words.
Your name says happy surprise, but your picture says qt and jail lol!

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Good luck to you. Take care. :)
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